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Welcome to your home page for the Bowes Creek Buzz interactive forums. This can be our single source to get the Buzz about whats happening in our community. To connect with others and share information all you need to do is click HERE or use the link above, either link will take you to the forums to share information. Please take a couple minutes to read the information below so you understand what the site is all about. Also, in order to share information you need to create an account, we did this to keep the internet bots out!

We built a platform to connect with current neighbors and friends, potential new customers and consumers currently involved in the construction process giving them the ability to collaborate and share information. Potential purchasers having the ability to communicate, meet their new neighbors, gain insights and share experiences.

Knowledge and communication from a consumers perspective regarding the Toll Brothers process from the time the agreement is signed to the final walk-through of your new home will give you the knowledge required to diminish the stress and will benefit buyers in making educated decisions. Sharing how well the start to end process and warranty coverage functions for each consumer can be directly shared in real time. This should help you on you journey of building your new home.

Please be advised that there that there is no affiliation with Toll Brothers Homes and this website! The forums were created by a consumer, for consumers as there is currently no way to communicate, collaborate, review or share information.

If you decide to become a member please be aware that this will not be the norm for standard behavior on the internet. We will have zero tolerance inappropriate behavior. We will attempt to ensure that objectionable material be removed on a timely basis. No Profanity, harassment, obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, libelous, abusive, or otherwise illegal posts will be allowed. Your membership can be revoked at any time for not abiding to any of these guidelines.

We would appreciate it if you would not post content taken from other sites as copyright infringement will be respected.

Please send questions or suggestions to:

With all that being said we hope you find the site fun, collaborative useful and that it assists new buyers in their new home journey, let us know if you need anything.

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